2006 Piaggio MP3 - 3 wheeled scooter
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    2007 Piaggio MP3 - 3 wheeled scooter :: EXOTIC!! ::

    Piaggio MP3

    250cc's of the most fun, most attention getting vehicle on the road.

    * Only 800km on odo.
    * Warranty until March of '08
    * 250cc twin capable of cruising speeds of 140kph
    * Four stroke, automatic CVT
    * Massive under seat storage - a full faced helmet and 3 bags of groceries will fit.
    * Comes shod with Michelin Pilots. Oh yeah!
    * Approximately $10 will get you 400km in gas and the smiles per mile factor is off the chart.
    * Extremely rare and exotic for North America. Folks are waiting months to buy this scooter retail. You can pick this up today and save $2000 with no GST.

    More information at: http://www.mp3.piaggio.com/index_eng.html


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