Dodging 12 months?
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Thread: Dodging 12 months?

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    Dodging 12 months?

    I'm about 6 or so months away from my class 5 license.

    The learner period without the class 5 is 12 months, then 24 months of novice, but if i already have a class 5 license then theres a 14 day wait period for the MST, and a 30 day learner period, then i have the class 6 road test directly after that.

    Do you think ICBC would let me reset my advancement through the motorcycle program once i get my class 5?

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    Don't let it expire. They will tell you they do not do renewals, but they will let you repay and renew it I think it is within 7 days of expiry or something. If it does expire, you will have to write again/requalify after you get your Class 5, which should he simple. Computer test, skills test, roadtest.

    But you are a novice driver now, right? So that means when you take your next test, for the full class 5, they will convert your Learner bike license automatically to a class 6L, with those conditions. You only have to go through GLP once, so when you exit they will conver it to the appropriate license out of GLP. Call ICBC they will explain it to you. OR, here is a link:

    "Note: You only have to go through the Graduated Licensing Program once. For example, if you hold both a Class 7 novice and Class 8 novice licence, to exit GLP you may take either the Class 5 or Class 6 road test. If you hold a Class 7 novice licence and a Class 8 learner licence and wish to exit GLP, you would take the Class 5 road test. Your Class 8 learner licence would then be converted to a Class 6 learner licence. "
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