And I thought getting a mortgage was hard... try buying a dog from a breeder
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Thread: And I thought getting a mortgage was hard... try buying a dog from a breeder

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    And I thought getting a mortgage was hard... try buying a dog from a breeder

    I am all for finding the proper homes for new dogs and kittens but this application is REDICUlOUS! The type of care and struture this breeder is looking for would be the equivilent of an army boot camp. If I ever were to fill out this application alot of the answer would be "none of your f***ing business!

    What happened to finding a family pet at the SPCA?


    Thank you for your interest in our Eurasiers. We would appreciate it if you take some time to answer the

    following questions. Our commitment is to find homes for our Eurasiers where they will be treated as

    family members. That is what the temperament of the breed requires, and that is the tradition of Eurasier

    ownership. Your responses will help us select the dog that’s best for you and your family. Please answer

    all questions honestly. All questions MUST be answered before your application will be considered.




    City: Province/State:

    Postal Code/Zip: Country:

    Phone (res.): (bus.): E-Mail:

    Family Situation

    Single (no children) ___ Single (with children) ___ Married /Couple (no children) ___ Married/Couple (with children)___

    Name of Spouse/Other:

    Your age and age of spouse/other:

    Ages of Children:

    Allergies: No____ Yes (please explain):

    Work Situation

    Occupation(s): Spouse/Other:

    Hours per day & per week worked: Spouse’s hours of work:


    House ___ Condo ____ Apartment___ Acreage ___ Other (please explain):

    Do you have a: Fenced yard/area___ No fenced yard ___ Dog run/kennel ___ Dog Crate ___

    Public park near your home ___ Field ___ Wooded area ___ Off-leash area ___

    Dog Experience

    Will this be your first dog? Yes_____ No _____ (please explain, including number and breeds of dogs

    previously or currently owned, and whether spayed or neutered):

    Why do you want a dog? For my spouse ___ For my children ___ For companionship ___ For Aid ____

    For security ___ Other (please explain):

    Do you prefer a male Eurasier pup____, or female Eurasier pup___?

    Color Preference:___________Please explain:

    Are you interested in: Conformation/Show ____ Obedience ___ Agility ____ Breeding ____

    Describe the characteristics you would like in an “ideal” dog, or describe how the dog you acquire will

    fit into your family:

    Is anyone in your immediate or extended family fearful of dogs? No ___ Yes ___ (please explain):

    Why are you interested in a Eurasier?

    How did you hear about Eurasiers?

    What kind of exercise will you do with the dog? Daily walk __ Training __Play __Jogging __Hiking __

    Other (please explain):

    Describe the weekday routine of your Eurasier:

    Describe the weekend routine of your Eurasier:

    Where will your Eurasier live: Inside _____ Outside _____ Freely moving between both

    Explain further if desired:

    On what kind of flooring in your home would a pup spend most of its time? (ex. laminate, ceramic tile,

    hardwood, vinyl etc)

    How many hours of the day will the Eurasier be left without direct human physical contact?

    When left alone or without direct human physical contact, where will the Eurasier be kept?

    Who will be the primary caregiver (feeding, grooming etc)?

    Outside of family members, who else might attend your Eurasier (e.g., neighbours, dog sitters, etc.)?

    When vacationing, what arrangements will be in place for care of your Eurasier?

    Would you use boarding kennels? Do you know the costs of local boarding kennels?

    Are you personally acquainted with those who have boarding kennels in your area?

    Are you a member of any dog affiliations/associations (kennel clubs, breed clubs, animal shelter, etc.)?

    Please describe:

    Please list any hobbies, activities or interests of those who are part of your household:

    How much would you say you know about the Eurasier breed?

    It is recommended that exams for hip/elbow dysplasia, patella luxation and eye normalcy be given when

    the Eurasier reaches 2 years of age. Do you plan to proceed with this testing and certification?

    Yes ___ No ___ Don’t know ___

    One condition of sale is the mandatory enrollment in, participation in, and graduation from a recognized

    puppy school consisting of no less than five (5) weekly, one-hour sessions. Is this something that you

    would be willing to do and would commit to doing?

    How do you feel about that requirement?

    If for any reason your family can no longer keep your Eurasier, one condition of sale, is that you must

    first contact the breeder to discuss options to find a new home for the Eurasier, and the breeder must

    be given the option of taking the Eurasier back.

    How do you feel about that condition of sale?

    Given the following situations, what will happen with your Eurasier?

    Relocation: __________________________________________________ _______________________

    New baby in family: __________________________________________________ ________________

    Acquired Allergy to Dog: __________________________________________________ _____________

    Severe Financial problems: __________________________________________________ ____________

    Divorce/Separation: __________________________________________________ _________________

    Death of owner(s): __________________________________________________ __________________

    Comments: __________________________________________________ _______________________

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Note: If you need additional space to answer questions, please attach additional pages as needed .

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    looks like a responsible caring breeder looking to make sure the pet is going to a good home, much better than some puppy mill looking to make a quick buck.

    FYI I went through 3 1 hour interviews with the breeder before getting my Rotti pups...
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    i had to go thru the same process when i got my rotti

    there are so many stipulations, this and that

    i got her when she was 9 weeks old, but the wasn't actually "mine" until I had her spayed and had the doctor send a letter to the breed saying that she was spayed

    i've had her for over 2 years now, and i still get the occasional email asking how she's a good sign when the breeder takes such care picking an owner, they care about the dogs

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    +10 on these procedures
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    It's intrusive, but the SPCA and Vancouver pounds are pretty picky as well.

    The problem with the high $ purebreeds is there's a lot of idiots out there with chequebooks who "only want the best" and don't really provide a proper environment and socialization for the dog.....who ends up with problems and gets returned to the breeder or the pound as an animal that's now permanently malajusted.

    They don't want to see that, and so they're a little finicky about who they let their babies go to.

    I've also seen some puppy mill type places that have the big applications, but just skim over the details and don't confirm them. I'd really be nervous about the type of dog I'd be getting from them.

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    Reasonable questions I would have thought. Better this than just handing over a dog to anyone with some money in their wallet. And why is this in the funnies?
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    It's funny because Elevation just wants the dog for a korean bbq.

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    I wonder if breeders ever get this kind of response to their questionnaires...

    Please answer all questions honestly.....Describe the weekday routine of your Eurasier:

    "Although I cannot predict the routine of a dog I do not yet have approval for, I expect that his routine (like many other Eurasiers and dogs in general) would include:

    a) sleeping.
    b) eating.
    c) noisy ball-licking ("BECAUSE HE CAN").
    d) playing
    e) shitting.
    f) going to the dog park."
    Describe the weekend routine of your Eurasier:

    "All of the above Eurasier and Non-Eurasier activities, plus:
    g) sleeping in late
    h) eating leftover Chinese takeout, followed by ball-washing.
    i) more dog park!
    j) alternating between snoring, farting, and vacantly staring at my partner and I while we have sex.
    k) scratching, whining and sniffing at the bedroom door when locked out (see 'j')"
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    It goes a little too far asking about extended family dog habits and about a potential divorce.

    Dizzy, I would fill out the application exactly the same way. We need to make sure these fuzzy animals need good clean homes for ball licking, barking at everyhing that moves, and shitting.

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    Bravo to the breeder, very awesome to see and hear!
    As a sportbike rider and very responsible pet owner even I sometimes take for granted how much time my pet requires, riding has taken a big back seat to her this year.
    Think long and hard about a pet and be prepared to sacrific, if you deserve a dog from this breeder you'll get one if not, it wasn't meant to be for you or the dog
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    Meh.. Thats way too much work for a dog.. If i'm going to shell out 1K or more for a dog... last thing i want to do is 15 pages of paper work.

    Reptiles FTW.

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    If i was going to shell out a G note or more for a dog, i'd want to know the breeder was responsible. Lack of interest in where the dogs go shows a lack of interest in the dogs themselves.
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    Lee, this is an excellent form and I wouldn't hesitate to fill it out fully and honestly. You are obviously dealing with an extremely conscientious breeder and that is a good thing.
    I wouldn't be offended by any of those questions. It proves the breeder only sells to good people and is more interested in seeing their pups go to a good home, rather than just taking the money and running.
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    Lee, good luck with the prostate exam and urine test that I'm sure will follow after you fully and completely answer the questionaire.

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    So ur getting a dog now? Which one?

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