leather vs. synthetic jackets?
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Thread: leather vs. synthetic jackets?

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    leather vs. synthetic jackets?

    hello! stupid newbie question...

    looking for a motorcycle jacket and I'm wondering if anyone could give me the pros and cons of getting a leather vs. a synthetic jacket?

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    leather provides a lot more protection vs synthetic if you hit the ground and especially if you slide.

    Synthetic jackets tend to breathe better. having said that my synthetic isn't all that great for cooling....lol.

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    not a stupid newbie question at all. i have leathers, synthetic and mesh. when it rains or gets cold i put on my synthetics cause the liner keeps me warm and my synthetic keeps me dry. when it is really hot then i wear my mesh of course and it has armour. i usually wear my leathers most of the time. remember to find something that fits you well and you feel comfortable.
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    Jo, you can try and find the best of both worlds. I currently have a Shift leather jacket, the SR-1, the inner faces on the arms are almost elastic-like and breathe very well, and there's also several perforations to allow for some air flow / cooling. Good luck!
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