Soft vs Hard Armour
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Thread: Soft vs Hard Armour

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    Soft vs Hard Armour

    I just replaced the foam "soft" armour" shoulder, elbow and knee pads in my JR jacket and pants with JR hard a friend tells me that the soft armour is actually better protection for a recreational rider than hard armour. I really find that hard to believe, but thought I'd get some opinions on this before I replace the foam back protector with a hard armour unit.

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    That would depend on what the hard armor is?

    If its a honeycomb structure inside or something made to absorb impact it would be better than a piece of foam

    Technically "hard" armor would absorb less....
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    i dont think the purpose of hard armour is to absorb impact but to disperse it. i would rather have hard plastic over my shoulders than some piss ass foam.

    tell your buddy to define recreational rider and why you would want any less than the best protection possible. all my gear has hard armour, wouldnt have it any other way

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