private insurance - who do you use?
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Thread: private insurance - who do you use?

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    private insurance - who do you use?

    I am finally gonig to be old enough to qualify for private motorcycle insurance next year and I want to get quotes from all the companies that offer it. Does anybody use someone other then:

    Beacon Underwriting Ltd.
    Cassells Insurance Ltd.
    Coast Capital Insurance
    Megson Fitzpatrick
    Canadian Direct Insurance



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    CDI does not insure sportbikes the last time I checked. Which is why I went with Coast Capital. Didn't have to deal with all this underwriter stuff that Megson's had.
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    Coast capital is by far the only place to go... they have restrictions... no more than 2 ticks in 5 years I believe

    way cheaper than megson and a 500 deductable instead of a 1000

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    I have to say Paul at Cassells Insurance Ltd. goes out of his way for bikers.

    He convinces Beacon Underwriting Ltd. to insure good safe riders at cheap rates, he can even convince them to insure bikes that are black listed like my tiller.
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