My new puppy ! !
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Thread: My new puppy ! !

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    My new puppy ! !

    Well last night my girlfriend and I went out and picked up a puppy. It's a 8 week old American Staffordshire Terrier. We are having some troubles picking out a name for her, any ideas would be great thanks. Here are some pics, hopefully they help.

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    aw she's a cuttie. how about ethel???


    i just got my pup on wednesday, She's a 16 month old boxer. and we called her jaida
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Congrats on the new addition to the family. Good lookin little gal.
    This is Lazlo, he's no pup anymore. Maybe I will bring him to Bill's next weekend for the kids to ride.
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    Congrats on the new puppies.

    Ever since I got my dog, my mileage on the bike has dropped significantly. It's almost like having a kid! Weird thing is, I don't regret one moment of being with my dog!

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    Puppies are so cute. Here is my Russell as a pup (she's 2 now) at the track. She's a handful still but I wouldn't want her any other way. Her name is Sprocket. Next one will be Endo or Zero. We might get an English Bull Terrier.
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    Nice brindle colour. Her coat makes me think of a jungle theme for a name.

    Simba, Tigger, or better yet Sheena.

    Here's my 10 month Staff/Pittie:
    Log off and ride.
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    well if thats ur bike in ur avatar why not gixxer ???? just me but sounded kinda cool when it came to me.

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    She's cute. Enjoy them now cause they grow up really fast. Here's our Alaskan Malamute (Miles) when we got him at 7 weeks. He's now 14 months.

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    Very nice looking dog, I love the brindle.

    Nothing comes to mind when you see her? It's way harder naming females.

    Here's our first son; Diego. A two year old Boston Terrier/Pug aka 'Bugg'

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    She's a cutie...

    How about 'Daisy'?

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    Awesome choice, Deanner!
    If you have any questions whatsoever about the breed, or any challenges you're having, feel free to drop me a line.
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    Beautiful dog, I'm sure she'll be a lot of fun. I have an English Staffordshire and when he was a pup he did the normal puppy chewing to infinite. He even chewed a hole in the wall, not the corner either just picked a random spot in the middle of the wall and ate a hole in the drywall. Keep her occupied and give her lots of stuff to chew on.

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    Why the Pit Bull look alike???? Many choices out there yet you've chosen this one???

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    You need a name that can be called easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Focker View Post
    You need a name that can be called easily.

    Too sexy for this forum.

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