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Thread: leaking carb

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    leaking carb

    I've got a bike that's been sitting for a while (at least a year), and gas started leaking out of the caburator via the drainage hose. After doing a search on the web, I thought it might involve some blockage, so I decided to take it off and clean it. Cleaning went fine I think, considering I'm not mechanically inclined by nature, no mystery parts left over after putting it back together. The problem is, it still leaks. So now my question is, of course, why?

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    Needs the needle valve that is attached to the float replaced. it is sticking at the moment, like a toilet not turning off
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    floats might need replacing and or the needle seats need to be cleaned. remove the needle and the seat and clean using a qtip, carb cleaner and compressed air. should be detailed instructions kicking around here somewhere as to exactly how to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vangirl View Post
    Cleaning went fine I think, considering I'm not mechanically inclined by nature
    Please take it to 5thgear if you are not mechanically inclined by nature.

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