Laptop Repair in the GVRD?
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Thread: Laptop Repair in the GVRD?

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    Laptop Repair in the GVRD?

    Any one have any good experiences with a place to repair (or see if worth repairing) a clone laptop?

    I already know a higher end place that does the Toshibas, etc, but this one is a clone and has a dud column of keys, so looking for a place that's affordable and has a good rep.

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    I'd check ebay for keyboard replacement.
    They are normaly very easy to replace by yourself, just 2 to 5 screws and one connection.
    I've done many of them on dell and HP systems.
    You can also get a wireless keyboard/mouse for cheap and just use that

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    Yep, look for a keyboard replacement yourself. If it is an obscure clone manufacturer there is a chance that the company no longer exists. Checking eBay would be my first line of defence.

    Just as a point of reference I replaced a keyboard on a ThinkPad a couple of years ago and it cost me $54 direct from IBM. If IBM is that cheap then you should be in good shape pending you can source one out. It is generally dirt simple to replace a keyboard. You might do well to poke around right now and look for removable caps around the keyboard where screws would be hidden. Start looking at the top of the keyboard. That is generally where the fasteners will be found.

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    just go out and buy a new one, Acer laptops are selling for $499 at future shop.

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