New To dirtbiking.
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Thread: New To dirtbiking.

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    New To dirtbiking.

    I have a question about buying This 2 stroke 89' YZ80 i know its small but i need to start somewhere. The guy im buying it from said its bored out but how many cc's would that make it now, or is that an undetermined thing. I also need to know what i need to look for since it's used.

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    It will have a very small increase in cc amount and an equally small increase in power. There are "big bore" kits available that would see bigger gains in both areas but that is not what he's talking about when he says it has been re bored. What you have is a refreshed top end usually done when the bike's engine hits a certain amount of hours or has blown up.

    As for a 80cc bike being to small for a beginner. Not really. You can learn a lot from it and not feel intimidated by it's size. That said it will have a fair kick and this can be scary at first. All good fun. Get out there.....
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    Gotta agree with NFG an 80cc wont gain to much being rebored in cc's and power but an 80cc 2 stroke will give you a run for your money for sure anyways. That said when buying a used bike, especially one thats been bored it's a good idea to listen to how it runs, if it rattles or seems to knock quite abit your probably going to have to replace some major parts soon down the road. Another is take it for a test drive look for snappyness i guess you could say at high Rpms when the powerband kicks. bottom line it shouldn't drag or choke when you lay down on the gas. And finaly just do a quick inspection on how well it's been maintained... chain tight, airfilter relatively clean, spark plug & oil. If it's been maintained well, then you shouldn't have to many problems. And yes 2 strokes do require a little oil in the cank case tho on old bikes it may be difficult to check

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