Up until I heard this NPR podcast/interview of Peter Fonda I found him an interesting actor who can't escape the shadow of the iconic film about bikes, the Viet Nam war and the bad side of America. But this interview was really fascinating and worth checking out...

He talks about tons of stuff. The obvious obligatory answering of questions about Easy Rider but he talks about the experience of accidentally shooting himself at the age of 11, his approach to film making, a few scant references to bikes, dealing with an emotionally bereft father and it's effect on the family, really interesting stuff about about older movies. I will spare the detail. If you have even a slight interest in him you should check it out.

I would suggest getting the iTunes podcast as the audio quality is less "metallic" sounding than NPR's.

If you are searching through the iTunes podcast directory check for NPR, Fresh Air, August 16th