Nicky Hayden profile in NYT
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Thread: Nicky Hayden profile in NYT

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    Nicky Hayden profile in NYT

    What, MotoGP in an American newspaper? Madness. It's pretty layman-friendly, but interesting nonetheless. Hayden's the all-American, Rossi is king, and a few unkind words about Casey Stoner. You might need a login, check if you don't want to register.

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    I don't know the words were so unkind towards Stoner. It's just an ex-racer doing his job; providing color commentary.

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    yeah i don't think it was meant as a jab towards Stoner. Nicky hasn't been winning on his bike either. i think Randy just meant that Ducati had come up with a combo of bike and rider that was working the best but if Stoner had been on Nicky's Honda, the combo would be sucking hard.
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    Good post thanks!

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