It lives!
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Thread: It lives!

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    It lives!

    Finally after much blood, sweat and ...uh waiting My WR is motarded again...Unfortunatly...I dont have any pictures...but I know some people who do and I think they should post up.

    All made possible by VSM

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    sportbike... pfffft!
    damn you. i've been scouring north america for a WR and cant find shit except one in new jersey. granted my budget isnt avaiable for an 8g 06 but anyway, congrats, get them pics up

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    If it was the same WR I saw at VSM last week....that thing is unreal !!!

    Is this it? I got this pic of their website.

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    No thats not it ...
    And after all the greaf the kid stuck with it and was givin a second chance to get what he realy wanted , And I must say nice . The Goldspeeds fit just fine on a 4.25 with no chain rub at all!!! and that is a 160... Try that with a Street bike I have seen many times it gets chewed to fak!
    I took the pics with the phone so excuse....
    Edit : just added a few more pics ....
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