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    Where to.....

    Where can I get a Graves Jet kit for my bike? And who can install it and tune it for me so I get the max hp for my money?
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    Call Gravesmotorsports in Cali!!! They will take order from riders. If you tell them you are a racer in Canada, they will even give you racer discount. (btw, they don't check your credential at all) And if they ship it out of CA, there is not sales tax either.
    You should be able to find their number on the web.

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    U can do it ur self, it's not that hard, but to tune it for the best overall output will require a EGA.

    Do u know if the graves jet kit comes with jets and needles or just needles? If it is just needles no problem, remove the tank and air box, this will expose the carbs. Now with a small phillips head take off the 4 screws that hold the CV diaphram,( thats the big round thing facing the front of the bike) becareful not to drop the screws when u slide the diaphrams out. There is a large black clip that holds the old needles in the slide, pop that off, slide the old needle out and put the new ones in. Now do the same for the other 3 carbs, make sure the CV covers go on the same way they came off.

    Now if u want to save some $ go to any bike shop and ask them for 8 .5 mm needle shims, if they don't have them in stock phone around someone will have them. Do the same as I have writen above, but instead of replacing the needles, slide the stock ones out and place 2 of the .5mm shims on the needle put the needle back into the slide. Now if the large black clip doesn't snap back into place like a stock one does u might have to drill a counter sink hole into the clip. Use a dill bit slightly smaller than the needle to do this with, if u don't do this the slide will not open all the way under full throttle. (I know this from my own experience) U will get the same result as with the grave, and saved some cash.

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