How to clean your leathers - instructions
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Thread: How to clean your leathers - instructions

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    How to clean your leathers - instructions

    This is a post from an expert race leathers shop...with some minor grammar/punctuation edits.

    Quote Originally Posted by barnacle bill View Post

    OK, here are the instructions and warnings again for cleaning leathers.

    Most leather suits can be cleaned in a heavy duty washing machine. Hey it's just dead skin isn't it? What do you wash your skin with ? Soap and water.

    Strip the armor and removable padding out of the suit. In some suits this
    requires opening a seam in the lining if an access opening is not provided. Turn the suit inside out while it is washing. after the spin cycle lay the suit on a flat surface . don't hang it up for it will stretch a mile. As the suit starts drying out start turning it inside out. Usually, once or twice a day and before it is dry start applying a leather conditioner. Any lanolin based hand lotion will work fine for this (don't get caught using your wife/girlfriend's expensive imported brand on your suit, she will know where it's gone from the smell and you will pay dearly afterwards). Just get the cheap generic kind from Wal-mart .

    Figure this cleaning process taking a least a week. Don't get rushed and put the suit up before it is totally dry and keep the suit stored where it can get good air flow to prevent mildew and mold ( very bad). Be forewarned that some suits with red and white combinations can bleed . Do a test sample on these first. they require hand cleaning. We offer a cleaning surface for $50.00 and Darethea earns her money doing it, but it is nothing most individuals can't do. No smoke and mirrors or voodoo rituals required for this.

    All suits need cleaning at least once a year if nothing else than to remove the sweat salts from the leather . It's a real leather killer so get it out of there. That's about all for the cleaning process. Hope it helps. The best to all

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    Different words. Almost the same idea.

    Once a year seems excessive. You have to balance time, effort, wear-n-tear of washing vs. wearing it...

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    I always wear under armour under my suit and remove the liner a couple times a season to wash it. No salty stains and doesn't stink. It isn't 5 years old either.

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    so if i do have red and white on my suit, how can i wash the inside of it?
    i know i can just scrub the outside easily..but would i do the same for the inside?

    cuz if it will bleed, then it would bleed in the washer, or in the tub...

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    I wash my leathers in the bath tub (armour still in place) and then let them sit flat for about three days, then I apply leather conditioner and they're good as new.
    Mine are black, red and white, and I haven't had any colour bleed from the leathers. Black seeped from the liner, but like any other clothing that bleeds, it didn't stain the garment.
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    I washed mine in the machine thanks to that linked thread from above and it worked out fine.

    As I noted in the other thread I used some Woolite and did it in warm water. I removed the armor and turned the suit halves inside out (2piece full waist zip) before washing. Following the machine shutting off I immediately moved the load to the dryer and ran it on warm for 20 minutes and then on "air fluff" for another two hours. This got rid of the excess water without undue shrinking and the air fluff finished the job to the point that they were heavy but only felt a very little bit damp.

    I didn't apply any leather conditioner at that time but waited for two more days for the leather to finish drying. If I was doing it again I'd apply conditioner right as it came off the air fluff.

    There was some shrinkage but it was minimal. It basically lost some of the "custom fit stretching" and went back to the original new fit. It eased off within two track day events.

    I used Dania Leathers conditioning cream and about a week later decided to add some boot grease for water resistance in the rain. The boot grease actually finished up the job nicely to allow the suit to ease off the last bit. Or it may have just been coincidence.
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    bruce couldnt get into his leathers today hahahaha ...i asked him why and he said cuz he "put em in the dryer" hahahaahhahaha
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