Short Notice:

Hitting the States this aft...

Start time: 1:45 pm
1st & Rupert Chevron
Birch Bay and coastal area to Bellingham then Chuckanut come back up Chuckanut, cross under the I-5 go down Lake Louise Rd/South Bay Dr, hook up to Hwy 9

Two possible routes from here:

1. Mt. Baker then back over through Sumas or
2. South Skagit Hwy to Rockport and back through Sedro then Sumas

The part of the trip between Bellingham and Hwy 9 is not often tread but it's a very interesting route and highly rated by Destinations Highways. There's a cool shop calling Scooter Stuff along this route that sells primarily to the cruiser crowd but it is worth checking out.

Given the boarder this route MAY have to be altered to accomodate time constraints.

***Bring Passport and if you have your Nexus card of course bring that. Please don't come with shitty ID.

Phone 604-788-6777 for messages.