A note from Joseph the WMRC Prez:

The club will be hosting a Barbeque at the track, after racing is done for the day, on Saturday September 22. We are calling it a Volunteer Appreciation event but it is for Racers and their crews as well. It is a chance for all the racers, and all the people who help us make it happen, to get together informally, eat some burgers, drink some beer, and just get to know one another a little better. For all our Volunteers the cost is free. All others attending there is a nominal fee of $5. Metro Catering is going to supply and prepare the food so nobody has to slave over a stove. All you have to do is.... not go home. We have permission to consume beer on the premises, and a big thanks goes out to West Coast Superbike School, Mid Life Crisis Racing and Simon's Automotive for providing the woobly pops.

See you there!