Well been down here in California for a few weeks now.
With spending more than a few hours looking at local shops for helmets ,gloves and coats, I have found a gem of a spot.
For those who have not heard of them
Extreme Supply is great.
Stopped by today after seeing a few hundred helmets they have on Ebay as well as on the site.
We were only a few minutes away on our way to Venice Beach this afternoon, so we stopped by to check them out.
Well complete warehouse not retail set up but they will take people walking in.
I had a few minutes with a person (name Ihave forgot ) I tols him of the models I looked at on the clearance page Suomy Ventura Red Multi $249.99 for $124.99 plus if I could look at the Scorpion Helmet EXO-400 Warhawk Red which they have on Ebay for $103.00 free shipping in the USA but will ship to Canada as well.


Suomy Ventura Red Multi

Scorpion Helmet EXO-400 Warhawk Red Below

Well after getting a Scorpion for my daughter in San Deigo for $119.00 US I was on the hunt for one for myself.
Looked at a few dozen models from over a few dozen stores as well looked at a few forums(at night)
Many thanks to a few theads I found here from a local group of Bike riders
and one of the big issues for us in Vancouver or surrounding areas is the moister which means FOGGED shields.
The Scorpions are being referred to as 95% of a Shoei at 1/3 the cost.These helmets are sweet for venting while you are at low speed as well as higher speed.Yet tight with the vents closed so not cold to were in wet weather which also I have read can be a issue even at scooter speed.

Anyway got the Scorpion for $103.00 same as Ebay and a few darker shields all for $155.74 US.

Then a jacket and gloves :shock:

Well worth a look thanks guy's spent a few hours going threw the forum and even though I am a scooter rider I just wanted to say thanks for the info I found here.

As a few pointed out the Scorpions I got a pair of them for myself and 7yr old for our rides.

Extreme Supply was great.