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"1. Your dealer "network" consists of 1 dealer.

2. Your bike has "electrical gremlins" which, no matter how much testing you do, cant be solved.

3. You often find yourself thinking: "I see why people buy KTMs", but wouldnt admit that to anyone, including yourself.

4. You call your dealer to ask for a part, and they laugh.

5. The "aftermarket" for your bike consists of tires and tubes.

6. When you tell someone what you ride, the most common response is "huh?"

7. You view each visit to your dealer as therapy.

8. The owners "club" you belong to has 1 member, and would be better suited being called a support group.

9. You visit a discussion forum for your bike, and the number viewing is always "0".

10. Despite numbers 1-9, you wouldnt give up your bike for anything..

If this sounds familiar, Im sorry."