Need input on bike rear coilovers for race car
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Thread: Need input on bike rear coilovers for race car

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    Question Need input on bike rear coilovers for race car

    Hey guys,
    May seem strange, but bear with me......
    Building a little autoX car known as a Seven, or a locost. Mine will be about 150bhp (to start) and 1300lbs. Some guys use bike engines in them even (if they get the weight down). Turbo busas are popular.

    What I am after, is a pair of common (IE cheap and plentiful) bike coilovers, 350-500lbs/inch, has a common spring so replacement is easy. Id pay more to get dual adjustable shocks though. Mounting shouldn't be an issue as they are inboard shocks (pushrod with rocker arm).

    I am wondering what the best OEM bike to look for these from would be? Do smaller displacement bikes tend to have softer rear springs?
    Thanks for any help guys.

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    I'd imagine the heavier sportbikes would be a good bet for higher spring stiffness / shock absorption.
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    Check out the ones on the Kawi ZRX. Those are about the nicest twin coil over setups I've seen. No idea what the spring rate would be though. However I'm pretty sure they are in the 80 to 120 lbs/inch though. The direct dual shock models are pretty much 1:1 so the rates are not that high.

    350 to 500 would be more the range of the single shock setups. Rates will vary depending on the mechanical leverage ratios of each bike.

    Check for spring rates for various bikes' rear shocks.

    I've always had a soft spot in my head for a Seven or Super Seven. Either original or one of the clones. Perhaps when I retire I'll put one together.
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    Thanks guys,
    Actually, the ideal spring rate for me is probably more like 250-300lbs. However because of the leverage of the rocker arm I can run a stiffer spring, but it will reduce the travel of the shock (and the amount of time the shock has to do its job).

    Looking at racetech, and whats available on Flea-bay, The gsxr 600 or 750 is my best bet. Softest I found was the 98-00 gsxr600 at 358lbs, but thats probably getting a little too old to find easily. The 06-07 gsxr600 has low and high speed compression adjustment which would be neat so long as it worked, but the 04-05 has a softer spring so maybe the better choice.

    Anyhow, I will figure something out.
    Thanks again.

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