Alpinestars in vancouver?
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Thread: Alpinestars in vancouver?

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    Alpinestars in vancouver?

    daddie needs a new pair of shoes but none of the shops i frequent carry A*s. Anyone know of a good retailer?

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    Which ones are you looking for?
    I picked these up at 5th Gear.
    Real comfy and feels like you're wearing runners
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    take a look around on Ebay. I bought SMX plus for 215 US. They are great boots, best I have ever worn. They have an inner liner that does up with a drawstring, then zips and a clip strap at the top.

    When on ebay, look for companies that have a "make an offer" button and find how low they will go.

    The boots are listed as 279 US on the website, so I couldnt imagine what they would try and sell them for here...

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    Carter Motorsports carries them
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    The commercial suzuki place has some.

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    I think Imperial Motorcycles in Burnaby carry them as well.
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    Burnaby Suzuki has them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailz View Post
    daddie needs a new pair of shoes but none of the shops i frequent carry A*s. Anyone know of a good retailer?
    You must be kidding. I've personally seen A*'s at

    Burnaby Kawi
    Pacific Yamaha
    Western Power Sports

    I'm sure there's more but I wasn't looking at the time I was in there.

    Oh and the new Jimmy Pat Suzuki dealer on Kingsway near Metrotown has them as well. OH! And Imperial just a block away on Lane street right behind Jimmy Pat's.

    And FWIW I've found that various brands seem to be tuned to various foot shapes. For me that shape IS the Alpinestars shape. All my boots are from them because they are comfy to me. But if you have a Sidi shape (very different) then you should be buying Sidi's. If you have... etc. Find the one that fits and then buy the model you want that provides the best balance of protection and cost and reasonable difficulty in putting on.

    My street boots are SMX's while my track boots are SMX plus. The SMX's are a bit of a pain to put on but not as time consuming as the plus'. And I like the plastic ankle supports. If the extra stiffness they offer saves my a bad fracture in a crash the fuss to put them on will be well worth the effort.
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