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    bike stands

    well i tried the search button but it not working for me. anyways where do i get bike stands from i tried 3 canadian tires and no such luck. also will they work with a single sided swing arm

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    also will they work with a single sided swing arm
    Dude, no.

    Ask them to locate one in their system. or spend some money at a local bike shop, BTW if your bike has a single sided swing arm Cdn tire can't help you.
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    I just heard from another person last week that had his bike come off of those stands. He was lucky enough to be close enough to keep the bike fropm tipping over but ended up cracking his tail light.
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    Richmond Canadian Tire had them about 2 weeks ago... also so did the new one on Marine Drive in burnaby

    We used them for both our 600RR's... no probs..except the front stands need small bit of modifying to angle properly.

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    i have the Canadian tire stands... no problems with them... the only thing you need to realize about them is that... the weight load is a max of 500 sumthing... which means.... a 400 pound bike plus a person on top... will not do! Ive seen alotta people just hop on the bike with it on the stands... basically you cant do that with these stands.

    But yes.. if you have a single swing arm... the canadian tire stands will not do.... your gunna have to go to a local bike shop and fork out some dough for that... what u riding?? A ducati ? Maybe look online if you dont need them right away?

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    Hot digity I am digging that ss pitbull rear frame/spool stand. Thats just the ticket seeing as how I dont have spools but in the future another bike down the road will.... I wonder if they do the international language ...... ($)

    Edit: Thanks for the vortex stand. Just slapped her together. I shoulda gotten one ages ago.
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