Question about Langley Drivers services
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Thread: Question about Langley Drivers services

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    Question about Langley Drivers services

    I'm new to the site,I've read the rules and most of the stickies, I've done a search,I didn't come up with the answer that I was looking for but I've learned alot!I think I may even be in the wrong area (I thought maybe this should go under new riders Q & A)so please forgive me if I am, But here I am....
    anyway,I'm going for the MST this week in Langley and I heard a rumour that it is not actually at the drivers center but down the street? Can anyone confirm this? Just so I have a heads up to where I have to be, I would hate to be late, it was soooo hard to get this appointment!

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    its right at the center in the parking lot.

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    If you can get your bike to Burnaby, they do MST on a drop-in basis. You just have to wait until a tester is free. No appointment needed but then again, you don't know how long you'll be there.

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