Where can I find leathers to fit?
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Thread: Where can I find leathers to fit?

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    Where can I find leathers to fit?

    Just looking for some advice.

    I want to get a 1pc suit for next season but don't know where to look as I am an odd size.

    I am 6'8 and about 170lbs

    Is there any way to get a 1pc or will I be looking at 2 pcs or a bunch of alterations?

    Thanks for any help

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    Holy crap, 6'8 and only 170lbs, you sir must be very very skinny. I am pretty sure you need to go the custom suit way, however check with some dealers first as they would have a better idea.

    good luck

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    I am 6'3" .. and I doubt u'll find a shelf brand to fit cause I am skinny like you!! I have this older 2 pce Joe Rocket suit that fits me pretty tight. Aaron at Modern says that Joe Rocket 2 pce is the only shelf brand that fits taller guys. U'll probably want custom.

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    Rob @ RMS has a lot of Spyke leathers that he's blowing out. Drop in and try a size. Aaron @ modern will do cash tax in though on anything.
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    With odd sizing like that, a custom suit is the best way to get what you want. Go to Burnaby Kawi and talk to Trevor about a custom made Vanson. I had a set custom made for me there and I love them. One look at them and you'll know that they'll hold up to any crash you throw at them.

    A fair chunk of change, but still in the same ballpark as if you were to buy the higher end leathers. I paid around $2k total for a two pc. but I figured I wonuldn't have to buy another set for about 10 years.
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    Hey, I have the opposite problem, as I am short/squat body type. I am resigned to the fact that I will either have to: A) lose weight/gain fitness or B) get custom leathers. Hmmmmm
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    How you been Gavin? I just picked up some Spyke leathers and Sidi boots. One step behind me...........

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    Unless someone has a hacksaw and a good doctor I don't think regular exercise will work for me. But thanks for the thought flyfishinwoman....

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