Undertail exhaust or....?
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Thread: Undertail exhaust or....?

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    Undertail exhaust or....?

    Hey, does any one know anything about the HotBodies undertail exhaust systems, are they any good, performance & sound? I have a 2000 GSX-R 750 track bike that I have licensed (trying to make look good) on the road now and kinda want to get something that looks good but ultimately puts out good performance. Or should I just do a certain type of full exhaust or...what fits it best and works best?

    I'm new with street bikes and the site, can anyone give me any pointers or advice. I'm a student at UBC to so I don't have very deep pockets...!


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    From what i heard they don't exactly sound that great.

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    ummmm yeah why 2 threads for the same question??
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