29 gallon Aquarium for sale. I bought everything brand new last year. Spent well over $3000 since then. I have receipts. Everything is included: the aquarium - stand - sand - live rock - corals - filters - books on salt water aquariums - cleaning brushes & scrapers - salt water mix - water test kits - food - heaters - lights - water alarm - 6 fish including a six line wrasse, blue damsel, fire fish, and a clownfish with anemone, 2 blennyís - 13 hermits & 1 shrimp - & 3 snails.
Everything has been very well maintained. I do weekly water changes and clean the filter every night. This is a well established eco system with beautiful fish and corals to look at. I have been getting busier and busier lately so I have no more time to stare in my fish tank and enjoy it like I once did. If youíre thinking of starting your own salt water aquarium then check this one out first. I can give you tons of tips and tricks to maintaining it. I have read allot of books before I bought anything so when I did start, I was prepared and had some knowledge. Thatís how I do things!
Iím asking $1000 for everything and am willing to help set it up at your place if you want. My price is firm. YOU CANíT START AN AQUARIUM AND HAVE IT AT THIS STAGE WITHOUT SPENDING MORE. Over the last year I have been buying corals and fish and everything else to get it to where it is today. I went through and Algae stage which ALL new aquariums go through. I also went through a Red Slime stage where your sand gets covered by red slime, new tanks go through this as well, not a fun part! What im saying is that itís worth the price!
Email me if interested and I'll send you more pics.