LCD 20.1 " wide screen + video card + chips
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Thread: LCD 20.1 " wide screen + video card + chips

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    LCD 20.1 " wide screen + video card + chips

    viewsonic 20.1" wide multimedia VX2025 $275 brand new in box

    Xp 64bit windows pro $45-

    ATI X800 pro 256 agp
    AMD 939 chips 2 available [146 is opteron] [1 is a 3800 dual core] and another cannot remember what it is will have to look but need to keep one for my dfi lanparty
    Ram DDR400 2 gigs [4X512 batchs]
    MATX Motherboards and 2 MATX cases [brand new]

    Call me or pm here 604-720-9179

    I can build a system for someone at low cost i have many parts and the above monitor?
    I use the 32 wide screen lcd full time for everything....
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