Replacing Chain & Sprocket question
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Thread: Replacing Chain & Sprocket question

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    Replacing Chain & Sprocket question

    '05 Honda CBR F4i
    The only think I am wondering about is the style of the master link. I don’t have chain break my dirt bikes always used a clip style master link. I suppose I could just switch it over to a clip style if it is not already?? Anybody?
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    You're not very clear on your question. Do you have a rivet link or a clip link now?

    You can put whatever link style on you want, all chains come with the option of either style, just tell the person at the parts counter what you want.

    If you order a clip link, pay the $5 and get a spare at the same time in case it ever breaks on you on the road.

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    stick with a rivet link chain.

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    For reliability and strength always use the rivit type first....also the clip type is a bit wider so sometimes it causes a rub somewhere.
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    I've not had any of them break on me yet. But I only change my clip links about 3 or 4 times and then swap for a new link just to be sure. That worked for me on my race bike for 5 years (1 link swap). Obviously I didn't change gearing much...

    On a street bike where you want a "fire and forget" sort of option I'd suggest a rivet link done properly.

    And for chain cleaning purposes so you know how far around it's gone I'd suggest cleaning the link's outer plate with a degreaser and dabbing it with a spot of white or other bright color paint.
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    I agree, both types have equal strength. Clip types 'may' come apart
    Rivet links are Permanent if properly riveted....But the operative word here is "properly" .
    Not all are.. even those done by errr.. pros. Regina Chain sells a Rivet Gizmo that actually does a 'perfect' rivet but it's pricey so many don't bother to buy it.
    If in any doubt about your capabilities to do a perfect rivet job then a Clip type is certainly acceptable.. knowing that you should give it visuall check every time you pull the bike out of the Garage... just as you would test yr brakes the tire pressure etc.
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