they found her!
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Thread: they found her!

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    they found her!

    for those that havent been following the story

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    thank GOD!!!
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    Great news , glad they got her back before anymore tragedy befell on her and her family. Now all we need to do is find these guys and skin them alive and then maybe , just maybe ,they will have a small understanding of the pain she went through. Someone who dares to harm a child this way is a waste of life, a child's innocence is a gift of humanity , when their world is shattered like that , humanity failed them ,we failed them . It is our duty , to do the utmost to protect those who cannot protect themselves .If you don't care what these people are doing to our children , just imagine those horrible violations happening to you , How would you feel if you were taken ,tortured and left for dead , who should have protected you? Or taken revenge for you?

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    find them and put them in prison in open population. Child molesters are not liked in prison.
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    What kind of sicko does that kind of stuff? Or would want to see it? There are some seriously f***ed up people in the world.
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