new ZZR250 idles fast
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Thread: new ZZR250 idles fast

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    new ZZR250 idles fast

    Just a quick question...I just picked up a ZZR250...I don't recall how it idled when I picked it up at the dealer but....the manual suggests you should adjust the choke as little as necessary to keep the idle below 2500 rpm during the warm up period....however, even with the choke out, I can't get it to idle below this normal? Should it idle this fast before being driven? Having just got it, I have yet to try and adjust the carb idle speed.

    Any help or ideas would be helpful...

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    There's a little black knob on the left side - you can pull it out and turn it (not sure left or right) to adjust the idle. Make sure you do it when it's warmed up to op. temp. RPM's should be about 11-1200 at idle. This usually leaves it at 900-1000 when cold with the choke off.

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    Clockwise to turn up idle and counter clockwise to turn down idle.....

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    Thats some good PDI by the sound of it ....
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    Sounds like you're all confused about what he's asking.

    Idle while choke is out is always faster than normal. Idle with choke in is set by the knob. He's asking about idle with choke on.

    Robinsde, it sounds like you're not using the choke quite right. Full on to start the bike. As it starts to warm up the idle speed rises. What you need to do is push the choke back in partway a couple of times as the bike warms up so the idle doesn't run away over 2500, if that's what they said. You don't want to leave the choke on full for any more than you need it to be. Usually you can move it about 1/3 to 1/2 back in within a few seconds of it starting and it'll run just fine and then further in or even fully off after a couple of minutes.

    I personally adjust the choke in to hold the engine at around 500 rpm over the normal idle and keep moving it in a little at a time until it is warm and I don't need the choke anymore.
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    thanks guys, I seem to have solved the was idling at 3000 with the choke fully just needed adjustment with that knob....yeah apparently not the best PDI...hell, they didn't even fill up the tank for me

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