Crash Nostalgia
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    Crash Nostalgia

    Anyone ever read back through the forums about their crash? Personally I don't remember mine, so all I have is what someone else wrote. It's funny, you know, over the past year I'd rebuilt it a little differently in my mind, but re-reading it again just puts it into focus that I just plain screwed up. Am I the only one?
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    I had a nasty crash into the side of a Humber Super Snipe in 1965. I still have no recollection of anything that happened that DAY, never mind the crash itself.
    They say it's nature's "anesthetic" when you get knocked out cold....your memory of the crash trauma, and quite a period of time before and after is erased, often forever. I kept my shattered helmet for years to show to anyone who doubted their effectiveness.
    Mercifully, I had an independent witness who was standing at the intersection who saw the whole thing and was able to relate to me what happened.
    Nothing too technical...blind cager pulled right out in front of me and bang...lights out. Yeh...I was probably going too fast for the conditions which didn't help.

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