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Thread: Rogers Yahoo Internet service / What's your ISP?

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    Rogers Yahoo Internet service / What's your ISP?

    Anyone here using this and want to comment on the actual speed vs what's advertised, and reliability?

    I just switched my home phone (need it for alarm monitoring) from Telus to Rogers. Telus was hosing me for a while now so they get the axe.

    Considering killing off Telus DSL too.
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    rogers... is ok
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    Shaw. Don't get the extreme-I though - unless you think an average 1.5Mb/s is extreme.
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    I'm interested in Rogers Yahoo Internet service as well (the wireless one). It sounds like it uses a "Wi-Fi like" signal that is broadcast from their cell towers. Since I have wired Internet at 3 different physical locations (home, the office, the gf's) it would be nice to just bring the Rogers modem with me to each place and cancel the other 3 services (which happen to be Radiant ADSL, Telus ADSL, and Shaw Cable). If I could plug the modem into an inverter and get affordable highspeed Internet in the car, that would be a huge bonus.


    A few interesting links I found through Google:
    An indepth review:
    Long forum topic:

    Sounds about how I guessed. It may work flawlessly for you, or it may be a nightmare. YMMV. I think I'll steer clear for now.
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    i have looked into it a bit. you can use it anywhere, including your car. they have it on a per hour usage (like old school 56k) i believe so if you use it a lot at many locations it may work out to be cheaper than having all the locations wired up. i myself would be traveling a lot to various places in BC so the coverage is an issue i would have, but if your mostly in well populated areas then not a big deal

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    think ive had pirated wireless for 2.5 yrs now so 35.00 x 30 months = $1,050 thats like 15% down on a new u.s. import bike hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by frontside5 View Post
    I just switched my home phone (need it for alarm monitoring) from Telus to Rogers.
    you know you can have monitoring taken care of via celular unit. i think it runs ~ $400 one time set up. thats pretty much a year of land line subscription. there is additional $2-$3 for monthly monitoring, though.

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    Had Telus DSL, moved to rogers, and its 1000 times faster.. Telus SUCKS

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    Have Telus DSL....its ok. Dont have the option for Shaw or in Delta.

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    None right now...
    Have Telus DSL. To my understanding, Rogers isn't very tolerant of people running websites using one of the dynamic IP services (,, etc.). A couple of friends had their service cut off because they were using them.

    Since I want to run my own mail server, I live with Telus' service. It's not the fastest, but it's been rock solid reliable for 10 years now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkydiveSonic View Post
    Shaw. Don't get the extreme-I though - unless you think an average 1.5Mb/s is extreme.
    Not entirely sure where you're getting this info from.

    Just ran a speed test from here to a server in LA. 7.38 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up.

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