Hi all. I picked up this bike a couple months ago so I would have a more forgiving and less expensive bike to re-learn on since I hadn't ridden in almost 4 years. Well, it's time to upgrade! If you don't know anything about these bikes they are a little lower to the ground and the riding stance is a little less agressive then some of the other bikes you see today. I'm 5'10 and I can flat foot it.

The previous owner had dropped at it at slow speeds and the left side fairing had some rash so it was repainted. Since being repainted the decals have not been replaced so for the bike to be mint it still needs the decal kit. I have found the decal kit for the entire bike on eBay for about $100. No other parts were damaged except the stator cover has rash. Original clip-ons / levers / pegs etc. Just to emphasize, besides the missing decals on the left side, this bike is minty!

Some details:

Typical yellow and black colour scheme
2k on new BT020 tires
2k on new chain
2k on front brakes
Yoshimura carbon fibre exhaust
Tinted windscreen

This bike is in great shape and I'm looking for 5000 obo. I will throw in a small Shark helmet as well as an Astars small stunt 2 jacket (if it hasn't sold by then). Selling to make room for a new race car I'm picking up this weekend. Don't worry, I'll be buying a new bike in the spring

I'll try to get pics up soon but if you've ever seen a yellow and black F4, you know what this bike looks like.