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    Windows Selective Restore?

    Using DriveImage 7.0 I made a complete backup of my Win98SE PC and then moved this large proprietary DriveImage file to an external USB HD.

    Using DriveImage 7 I can now selectively restore any file or combination of files and/or directory structures from this DriveImage file to any location.

    I am going to restore all my data files such as Word doc's, OE data, photos, IE favorites, etc from this external USB HD to my brand new WinXP PC.

    1) What are the most likely locations of all the old data files?

    2) What locations I should install the old data files when I restore them to my brand new WinXP PC?

    3) Should I try and keep as much of the old directory structure as I can when I restore from the external USB HD to my brand new WinXP PC? Or should I just restore the data files and use as much of the existing directory structure of my brand new WinXP PC?

    4) Using DriveImage 7.0 do you know what happens if I restore the entire directory structure of "My Documents" from the external USB HD to my brand new WinXP PC? Would I end up with two "My Documents" directories on my brand new WinXP PC, or would DriveImage 7.0 simply over-write the existing "My Documents" directory in my brand new WinXP PC?

    5) I know about the directory "My Documents" and the directory "Desktop" for example, but where is all the OE data, and what is the best way to get them into OE on my brand new WinXP PC?

    6) Because I have been using this old Win98SE machine for years, a lot of the data is not well organized. Some of the data is in the directory "Desktop", some in "My Documents", some under "C:\" and some I am not quite sure! DriveImage 7.0 lets you look at the complete directory structure and lets you view any file too, so I made notes on any data files I want to keep, but it's a tedious process of viewing directory structures and making notes! Is there a faster / better way if I'm not sure where I stuffed a bunch of data files?

    7) Any suggestions for making sure the data is restored to convenient locations on my brand new WinXP PC, and I don't accidentally miss anything?

    8) I know that WinXP helps you arrange directory structures by have preset places to put stuff, but I am not completely sure I know all the places where stuff usually goes in WinXP, can you list 'em please?

    9) I know I should have been more careful over the years as to where I put photos and Word doc's etc, but I have been using this machine for so long things have gotten kinda disorganized.

    10) I have never done a finicky restore of select files from an old machine to a new one because I've always simply backed-up and restored the whole drive. But this time I wanna do a fresh install of WinXP on my band new PC and not upgrade from Win98E - WinXP.

    Thanks much for the advice!
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