I Saw Lotr - Two Towers.....
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Thread: I Saw Lotr - Two Towers.....

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    I Saw Lotr - Two Towers.....

    I saw it last night....and in one word.....AWESOME!!!! Just had to share that Read it and weep

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    How did you manage to see it before openning night? Let us in on your secret!

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    there are usually a few ways to do it..
    internet, private previews etc..
    how long was it?

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    OMFG, that's bullsh*t, I hate you

    j/k, lucky you, can't wait to see it on wednesday

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    yea i coud've seen the lotr two towers by now too, but i didn't know about teh ubccvc thing... actually i dunno if it happened already or not....

    but CVC members should know what im talking about.

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    It was a special prescreening put on by EA ... thank you Cyntax for taking me . I think its a bit longer than the first one but you can't really tell. There are way more action sequences so the movie moves quite quickly. I think there's only a couple of places where it lulls for a bit. But otherwise its sooooooo AWESOME!!!! The battle at Helms Deep is sooooo cool! I'll definately see it again when it officially opens.

    Also if its any indication of how packed its going to be.....for a private showing where everyone had confirmed seats ..... and it showed at two theatres at Metropolis....the line started at 4:00 pm for a 7:25 showing. Be there early or you'll be sitting in nowhere land.

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    I saw it on wed. awesome movie, they changed some stuff from the book, that bummed me out, other than that, well worth the cash. 3 hours long I think, but it didn't feel like it, just don't get the large soda.

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