Gear Fitment...need some help please!
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Thread: Gear Fitment...need some help please!

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    Gear Fitment...need some help please!

    hey guys, i was just wondering about a couple of things.

    i've tried on a few jackets from a few different brands, and i'm looking at ordering a jacket from shift, because i haven't seen it at any shops i've been to. i've tried a jacket from teknic - in a size 44, and it was perfect. now i've heard that shift tends to fit quite similarly to teknic, so i was wondering, what's equivalent to a 44 from shift? medium or large?

    and pants...what do shift pants fit like? regular jeans? tighter? looser? if someone could help me out with this one it'd be much appreciated.

    another question. i'm looking at sidi vertigo boots, and i'm curious as to what the differences are between the standard vertigo and the vertigo 'air' (perforated)? is there any difference in the durability of the boots? and will the perforated vertigos make any difference to the temperature/sweat factor for my feet/legs?

    one more...gloves. i'm thinking of getting alpinestars gloves, and i've been checking out the gp plus, gp pro and gp tech models. other than colours and the presence of full kevlar stitching in the gp techs, would i be justified in spending $100 or $50 extra over the gp plus and gp pro (respectively) models?

    if someone could help me out with this stuff, that'd be awesome. thanks guys...all the best! cheers!


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    better try on the exact brand otherwise you'll be stuck with something that may not fit right. has shift jackets
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    Since you're down under and it's crazy hot. Get the GP Pros at least since they have knuckle venting. I've had the GP Plus before they're a nice fitting glove. I have the GP Techs now and while they're not as comfy as the Plus, they provide better feel and venting (though uphere it's not always a good thing).
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    Mostly, pro has better heel protection and fingertop protection than the plus. The tech has an excellent hard cuff as an upgrade from the pro.

    I have just the plus. For myself I find it the best level of protection for what you pay. I would rather take the extra hundred and put it towards another area: gp armour, boots or back protector.

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