I've got day offs this week on Thu. and Fri., I thought I should go ride in WA and take advantage of strong loonie. Because the summer's definitely over, I have 2 plans for rain and shine.

Either way, I want to meet at Blaine, WA at 7:30am. If you're NEXUS holder, we can meet somewhere in Canadian side. I'll be staying at a cheap motel, but you're welcome if you want to join 1st day only and turn around mid day.

Shine plan:
If the forecast for both date with less than 30% chance of shower, let's go to Neah Bay on northwest tip of Olympic Peninsula.
I think Mt. Baker still beats SR112, but it's still pretty twisty and the asphalt was really nice and smooth when I went there a couple of months ago.

Or I've been curious to go Mt. Rainier.

Rain plan:
If the forecast looking shitty like last week, let's go to east of Cascades via SR20. It's usually nice and dry there. There is a nice twisty backroad south of Winthrop, SR20 east of Mazama is also nice.