Honda 919 Stink Problem Fixed!
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Thread: Honda 919 Stink Problem Fixed!

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    Honda 919 Stink Problem Fixed!

    I finally fixed the stink issue with my Honda 919. I tried different fuels and even a 90 degree bend at the end of the cans but that didnít work. I spent hours looking on the internet for someone who had found a fix. Finally I bought a Hindle low exhaust system.... Problem gone (or at least redirected). The system was from the former Honda cbr900rr. You will have to fabricate a rear hanger but you donít loose your footpeg(s), itís not too low and if you buy the superstealth muffler with the insert itís quieter than stock. I love it! In the winter I ride with a huge windshield and it still doesnít stink. - cc

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    bad, m'kay?

    Post some pics here, or better yet, post this on the 919 forum:

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