Weekend Border Lineups?
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Thread: Weekend Border Lineups?

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    Weekend Border Lineups?

    Any frequent border-crossers have any insight on how crazy it gets to do some weekend shopping nowadays?

    Is it better to head south, say late Friday night (and do an overnighter)... then try to head back north on a late Saturday? I'd only attempt it if really cut down on wait time in the lineups... or is it a gong show in all hours of the weekend?

    Also I assume the truck crossing is always a better bet than Peach Arch... or wha?


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    Overnighter? You must be kidding.

    Check the lineups. Get up early. Get to the border before 7AM.

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    The border line ups of the summer are gone. The most you are going to see is an hour wait but If you want to avoid any possibility of a line up. Get there early. No later than 8am and come back around 2pm.

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    I went over a few times in the last few weeks. No more then 30 mins max at Sumas crossing, and no more then 15 mins coming back to the Great White North.

    Crossing around noonish and coming back around 5 ish.
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    Even mid day its only about 10-15 at truck crossing.. never take peace arch though.
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