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    Hello all, my name is John I live in Ontario (the new Police province) for now and have been riding street and track for just over a year now. I have a 02 F4i red/sliver that I love so much was thinking of my wife and I coming out west again. So i'm just checking in on the sene out here, is there many tracks in B.C? I haven't seen the roads out here since I was 4 years old they must be great but unforegiving to ride?

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    Yes, there are tracks way over here in BC.
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    There's a few tracks in BC. Mission is only one i've been to - i love it, but aparently it's not that great compared to some of the other "local" tracks in WA or OR. At least we got em

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    Trade the snow and humiduty for rain and fresh air!

    The roads have changed alot since you were last here, but not for the better. By about 2010 the roads should be decent again.

    I still like living here and I would find it hard to live elsewhere.

    welcome back? and welcome to bcsb

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevation View Post
    Trade the snow and humiduty for rain and fresh air!
    have you checked the weather lately? they had sunshine and mid 20s, we had rain/thunder storms and frost. still bc is the place to be

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    Welcome to Thunder Dome, Bitch!!!! j/k

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    better check the weather before you decide to come out here. The rain is starting again
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    Locally we've got road racing at Mission and motard racing and mini road racing at Tradex here in the Valley.

    Pacific is 3 hours away, Portland is 6 to 6.5 and Spokane is about 8 to 9 hours. There's some motard racing in Washington as well with 2 or 3 tracks that range from just over an hour away to 5 hours.

    Lots of nice roads about an hour and a half outside of the metro area and a few short nice ones closer in but generally traffic is pretty heavy until you're well away from the Valley area by at least a couple of hours. Weekend overnighters can find you a lot of sweet roads that have light to moderate traffic. A 5 day tour of the province's interior on a bike can be heaven.
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