those that listen to tunes riding......
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Thread: those that listen to tunes riding......

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    those that listen to tunes riding......

    what headphones do you use? can't seem to find ones that will fit nicely without getting messed with the helmet.

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    Harmon Kardon. Great sound and seal in the ear. but they're a little pricey.

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    if you don't want to spend a lot like me, the JVC marshmallow buds worked well for me. I was using skullcandy smokin buds but they kept getting messed up whenever i put on my helmet.

    The jvc marshmallows are part earplug, part headphone. They wedge themselves in nice and tight and stay in even when you put your helmet on. They do a pretty decent job in taking away quite a bit of wind noise too without having to blast your music.
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    Check out these guys in Port Coquitlam. I got their card from the Vancouver Motorcycle Show.

    I just bought the HS-200 for under $50 and I'm loving it!
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    Etymotic ER6i. Nothing compares to them, except the Shure E3C. They are really pricy though. You can get them on ebay new for $80 or $90, but here they are still about $200.
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    2009 ZX10R were on sale for $4.99 so I bought them, they're not great quality but when you're riding there's traffic, wind, engine, etc. noise so no need for super sound. They hook around the ear which helps them stay in your helmet.
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    JVC marshmellow. 25 bucks, great sound quality, and blocks a reasonable amount of wind noise. Would still prefer to wear plugs for a longer ride tho.
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    Am i the only one that goes through headphones on a monthly basis? Whether at the gym or on the bike I'm always breaking them, thats why ill never spend more than 30$ for a pair. I got the Product plan thing at future shop and i swear to god i probably traded in over 10 pairs for the price of 1, they were actually getting pissed off sometimes i had to argue with them quite a bit to make them cough up another set. They even tried telling me i had to send them in to some repair shop...

    Now i use the JVC gummy's and they work great, pretty cheap too.

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    Marshmallows as well. For 25 bucks they actually are pretty amazing. I've never had a set of ear phones that produce bass as well (not that you'll hear much of it when riding). That and they're great on a plane or when you just don't want to hear people.

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    I've got a pair of Shure headphones and other then the fact they will forever remind me of the evil person who gave them to me I love them

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    I just sing show tunes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraR6 View Post
    Check out these guys in Port Coquitlam. I got their card from the Vancouver Motorcycle Show.

    I just bought the HS-200 for under $50 and I'm loving it!
    i've got a pair of their helmet speakers. awsome sound!!
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    +1 JVC Marshmellows.
    I tried several more expensive noise reducing earbuds and didn't like them. The JVC price has gone up but I think London Drugs has them for $25 starting tomorrow.

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    sold :/
    wow, so many proponents of jvc marshmallows.. I hate those with a passion.

    I like to spend the extra $10 and get proper ear-sealing buds (I've had several brands and they were all the same.. I go by price now ~$40).
    I also get the radio shack guarantee thingamajig, they are the only place with a bring it back to the store official extended warranty policy.

    Nater - care to explain about your extended warranty? at FS and Bestbuy, the flyer suggests you get ONE "money back" replacement CHEQUE, AND you have to send away for it.

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    Jvc here as well, there awesome..and sound grate..

    Just watch out for ear wax build up...

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