dropped my bike....
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    dropped my bike....

    someone slowed down for a giant puddle on at 13th, there were cars in the oncoming lane (only 2 lanes) and i'm on one of those huge steel plates used to cover roadwork. i'm not going too fast, but my backbrake locks and my front locks and i'm down. in reflection i should have maybe turned towards the sidewalk, but there is no parking lane or anything. where do i go from here? I'm relatively fine, little bump on my left leg, from being a bit squished by the bike. my brake lever is bent, on the other side (can't figure out how really, i went down on my left) my right mirror is bent, my left is broken completely off. my turn signal switch is bent, the bike doesn't 'feel' the same, the position of the bars seems odd (cafe bars, the bike is a 75 cb 550), i'm going to relax a bit before i get down to looking at it a little closer... but anyway, any advice would be great. the guy stopped and stuff, but i didn't really know what to tell him, theres not much he can do i guess... i didn't hit him or anything. he was pretty apologetic.


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    don't follow so close in the rain!

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    Don't even THINK about braking on those silly covers. They are slick as goose poo! ! ! ! Same with the iron manhole covers in the rain. Ride around them whenever possible or if you must go over them come back to upright if turning and ensure you have enough room and low enough speed so that you can easily coast over the cover before continuing the turn or in any way needing to brake.

    You may not always see the big road work steel covers in heavy traffic but a good sign of them is the traffic slowing slightly and the cars ahead all doing the head bob as they run up and over them. When the cars ahead are kicked around this should be a strong wakeup for you that something ugly is up ahead.
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    First, I'm glad you can walk away from the crash and lean a (pretty important) lesson from it.

    Second, when it comes to riding you always want to give yourself "an out". This is especially important during this time of the year.

    3 things that work for me:

    1) Stay back far enough from the car in front to ensure that I can react to things that may be under it. This would include roadwork covers, but I remember coming over the Oak street bridge a few weeks ago to see a football sized rock on the road. I avoided it. Could have been ugly if I hadn't.

    2) Once you've given yourself some space and have time to react, look for a space you can ride the bike into if you can't avoid the obstacle safely by braking. This could be between the in front and the parked cars, between the lanes (on a multi-lane road) etc.

    3) Those steel covers, while not the slipperiest things on the road in the rain, are bloody close to it. I know that on Broadway just east of Commercial the entire westbound lane is covered by them and has been for a while. If you take a route often, you'll learn where the danger spots are and know to look out for them. Other things that can be amazingly slick are some of the "rubber mat" type covers they put on railway crossings.

    You already have the right strategy when it comes to the bike: Relax now, make sure you're fine, the thing (it is only a thing!) can be fixed later.

    Good luck.


    P.S.: most good riding books have sections on riding in the rain, I know Sportriding techniques does, it might be worth picking up a copy.

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    Give yourself at least a 3 second gap between you and the vehicle in front in the rain. More if the vehicle behind you is following closer than that. The more then better. Don't try to clutch it up in the rain - it doesn't work too well either
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    ah fak, its just a CB 550...
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    rain is so much fun !

    rain is for buses and taxis

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