chester the molester... just had to
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Thread: chester the molester... just had to

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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole

    chester the molester... just had to

    the case is pretty sad fucking crazy... the guys name is about weaksauce
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    it's the parents fault. what did they expect giving their child a name like that. forget the electric chair, bring on the electric bench.

    stories like this are becoming such common place in the news today that it just bounces right off of me.
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    its fast....
    stories are more common,, but to a 2 yr old? T
    hats sick..

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    sportbike... pfffft!
    should all be put in the ground, sick fucks

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    The cops should put him in a room and leave. Then let the parents in to do what they want to him.
    I know if someone ever touched my daughter it would be the most pain a person could ever feel before I killed the bastard.

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