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    Best Fight Commentator ever!

    I tried to DL a MotoGP race and instead I ended up DLing a Moto K1 kick boxing event. I like MMA so I decided to watch it anyway and the fight commentator was too funny. He seemlessly interjects these witty comments.

    Just picture a Scottish/British accent:

    "he has more jabs than a typhoid clinic"

    "he has more kicks than a can-can dancer"

    "beautiful body shot. Belly button through the back here"

    "he's got more kick than a chorus line"

    "he just opened up like a house on fire"

    "he's takin more knocks than a front door"

    "that uppercut went up so high, St. Peter had to knock it back down"

    "he's got more combinations than a MacDonald's menu"

    "his uppercuts just aren't getting through that virgin's defense"

    "he has more crosses than the Vatican"

    "he's got more hooks than a pirates convention"

    "he doesn't ask you for the time, he just takes your watch. That man is a bully"

    "(after fighter has been kicked in the balls) he wanted to be a farmer and boy oh boy, he just got himself a couple of acres."

    "he's a nasty fighter. He'd send a get well card to a hypochondriac"

    "he took more shots than an alcoholic"

    Needless to say these fights were worth watching just for the commentating.
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    "(after fighter has been kicked in the balls) he wanted to be a farmer and boy oh boy, he just got himself a couple of acres."
    LOL, now I'm gonna go around asking people if they wanna be farmers...
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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    hahahahahah tahts pwsome... hey coldsore aka low level herps, put it up on youtube for us to see
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