Fight Night ....
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    Fight Night ....

    I'm taking Vera over Sylvia ..... and I hope Franklin surprizes, but I think he is going have Knees for dinner ....

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    I don't know which Sylvia will show up. Vera should have the speed, Sylvia has unquestionable knockout power. I do think that we'll see a knockout in that fight.

    Franklin vs Spider, well I never liked Franklin, not sure why. So I hope he gets his ass handed to him.

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    As much as I think Vera has a lot of talent I think Sylvia will take the fight.

    I don't think he gets enough respect and is always underrated. If you look at his resume, he has beat a lot of top guys. He also bounces back well after losses.

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    Too hard to call in the Vera/Sylvia fight. Like has been said, it depends which Sylvia shows. He is one freakin' big dude, and if Vera catches one of his hooks, he's down for the count.
    However, Vera has some pretty impressive striking power too, and kick-ass ground ability.
    It should make a great fight!
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