Best Riding Gear / comfort item of 2007
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Thread: Best Riding Gear / comfort item of 2007

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    Best Riding Gear / comfort item of 2007

    I was thinking about all the things we do on our bikes and how we make riding easier and safer.

    It would be interesting to learn from all of you what little things enhanced your riding this year.

    I am not talking about a riding school or a new bike just little things that you learned or picked up from other riders.

    Here are 2 from me

    1. Baby Wipes in your tank bag. You can clean bugs off your visor as you ride

    2. Ordering Pinlock Visors from Europe ( not sold in North America yet) for my Arai Quantum /F helmet.

    They arrived in the mail in 2 weeks
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    HID high beam. Will never go back to halogens.
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    Heated vest and foam earplugs (wind noise).


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    oh yeh, and a new bike!!

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    1. Buy one white cotton face cloth at the beginning of the season. Everytime you go for a long distance ride and stay in a hotel/motel. Replace it with a brand new, fresh one provided in the hotel/motel. Toss the old one into the hotel bath tub.

    No need to wash it AND you get a a new one every time!

    2. the bright, soft orange foam earplugs. Protects your ears and gives riding a calmer feel to it.

    3. Make a journal of your long distance rides. Good to look back on. Most hotels/motels have a computer or internet access.

    4. Get a Throttle Mesiter or a Throttle Rocker.

    5. Get Touring hand grips! Even if you don't do the long distance rides. These grips save your wrist from most of the fatigue and soreness.

    6. Pledge or Plexus the front of your bike before each big ride. It's quick and easy. At the end of the day the bugs will come off much easier.

    7. On those long, stiff rides. When you are on a quiet, striaght highway. Do the super man! Gets the blood flowing and your can ride longer. Not really recommended but you feel like superman! It's even more fun with the throttle meister!

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    Although it is NOT recommended by any "safety" riders , when I go on long haul rides I use an I-pod , the ear buds cut some wind noise when its off and make the hours tick by a little more comfortably when on ,I tend to really mix up the music from hard to soft and everything in between so I don't get 10 songs in a row of hard crazy music just when I hit a really twisty section and keep pushing to much ,as good music can get the blood going. Also when you stop at roadside to wait for some riders you can turn it on and relax for a few. I do not wear them for city riding as you need to pay much more attention in town , also do not recommend new riders use any until you are more comfy with your riding skills. ( + 1 for plexus )

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    *Mesh Jacket for the heat, can't believe I survived for so long without one
    *MP3 player for long days..
    *Camel back bag for my tank bag and some velcro for the hose on the side
    of the bag. get the really nice basic ones from Mntn Equip Coop and you
    can fill them with mostly ice and a bit of water and it lasts all day long nice
    and cold.

    And as Lee say THROTTLEMEISTER just got mine but I'm loving it.

    And a really great tip is to try and get some extra riding time in which I didn't really manage.
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    Knee pucks. So I know when I'm kickin ass on the street! booya!
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    Camelback was the best addition to my arsenal this year. Should have done it ages ago. Best 13 bucks

    Adding a few squirts of fuel injection cleaner every 4 weeks or so to a tank of gas. Marked improvement each time. Best 4 bucks.

    Suspension tuneup at RMR. Best 50 bucks.

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    I picked up a Throttlemeister this season and although I use it for perhaps 2% of my riding, when you're stuck on the freeway and the wrist is getting sore, it's a nice thing to have.

    I'm digging my Zumo as well. I can't imagine long distance riding without one now.
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    personally i like my maynards wine gums stashed in my cockpit for one sweet ride..

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    For me it was the electric jacket liner I bought while in Montana. Without it I would have shivered into hypothermia and crashed and died.

    I will never go on a longer trip without it again.

    The mesh or perforated leather I learned about 4 or 5 years back. Until the electric jacket liner it was by far the best gear money I'd spent.
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    For me it would be my lil 120 lb back massager that automatically gives me a back massage whenever we hit a long red light =]. I got her for free too.

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    For those long days when you just want to get to the hotel, punch in the address and go. No missed exits, wrong turns, reading maps at nite; especially when your tired at the end of the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorcha View Post
    For me it would be my lil 120 lb back massager that automatically gives me a back massage whenever we hit a long red light =]. I got her for free too.
    Lucky. Mine's cost me at least 10,000 by now.
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