Your highest speed when touching down off wheelie?
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Thread: Your highest speed when touching down off wheelie?

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    Your highest speed when touching down off wheelie?

    Whats your highest speed for touching down from a wheelie that you started in 1st (or 2nd) gear? Do you try to go faster or do you tend to wheelie in the same speed range? Do you feel pressured into trying to wheelie by your buddies? Ever seen a wheelie go wrong?
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    On my old CBR 900RR , I took it up at 180km, and came down at 220km , 3rd gear with a little help from a bump in the road and the sweet spot on the rpm's was all it took , now that I am older and have a son , I don't ride like that as often as I used to. --(2) NO rider should ever feel pressured to do something they feel is out of their skill range, Always ride where YOU feel confident ,and although we only get better by pushing it a little further each time , just remember the bike will always win , no rider can out ride any bike ,that is why even the pros go down .(3) Yes , on a ride this year , a guy passed me doing a wheelie on the highway , hit a divit in the road and got squirrely , when he came down the bike was on an angle to the left and he went down ,high sided , flipped the bike many times , luckily he was OK ,had on SAFETY gear, this is our reality , there are two types of riders , those who have been down , and those that will go down, few exceptions to that rule. At least if I die riding ,I will die doing what I love............

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    The highest I ever got was around 130-140 km/hr. I would always try to pull it up in the same speed range, and I liked to keep them slower, around 100km/hr was my average wheelie speed. That is where it felt most comfortable, the faster it got the more uncomfortable it became.

    I did not feel pressured to initially wheelie from friends, I just thought it looked cool and wanted to know how to do it. BUT, now that I know how to do it, I do feel kinda pressured to wheelie when others are doing it. I think its a 'want to join the fun' kinda pressure. And, when there are guys that are way better than me, I don't try to show off or feel the need to step above my limits. I just wheelie where I feel comfortable and enjoy watching them where they feel comfortable. I am nervous though to watch other guys wheelie because I don't want anything bad to happen.

    I have never been with anyone that has gone down right before my eyes, but I have seen lots of videos of guys going down. The ones that show the after effects are not pretty. Especially that one where a guy is stunting and he breaks his ankle, and his foot is hanging there in such a disgusting way. That image always sticks in my mind when I decide to pull up the front tire.

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