Bike into winter storage ~ WAAAAHHHH!!
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Thread: Bike into winter storage ~ WAAAAHHHH!!

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    Bike into winter storage ~ WAAAAHHHH!!

    I'm bummed...
    Man after the worst year for rain I can remember, bike goes into winter storage today <SUCKS>.. Ins. done on 10th.
    Barely got the tires warm this year... sigh...

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    Hahaha, winter storage in the Lower Rainland. Excuse me, but up here winter storage means no riding in the snow or -20 C. When I asked around at the local motorcycle dealerships, they said that they didn't do winter storage, but I got the Honda dealer in a nearby town to consider it. I explained how it's a big thing on the coast, and the owner decided to go for it. So, I have my bike in a nice heated shop area, all cleaned and just hibernating while the sled gets to play.
    Back in BC, yay!!!
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    I'm napping Array psyclone's Avatar
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    weiner , its just like summer out there.
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    Yeah it's raining so hard right now that anyone out riding would just be nuts

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    This summer was GREAT! You just needed to ride about 200kms outside of the vancouver city limits. After that is was sun sun sun!!!

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    What are you talking about?? I had a great ride today!!! It’s not over yet.

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    I just went for a little ride today. (=

    two more rides and it'll be worth my 3 months insurance.


    Hello? Anyone still out there? d:

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