Programmers christmas carols
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Thread: Programmers christmas carols

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    Programmers christmas carols

    Santa Claus < north pole > town

    better !pout !cry 
    better watchout 
    lpr why 
    santa claus < north pole > town 
    cat /etc/passwd > list 
    ncheck list 
    ncheck list 
    cat list | grep naughty > nogiftlist 
    cat list | grep nice > giftlist 
    santa claus < north pole > town 
    who | grep sleeping 
    who | grep awake 
    who | grep bad || good 
    for (goodness sake) { 
    be good 

    so, anyone else here have any of these?

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    Nice one!

    ...But I'd rather not reminisce about my C++/Visual Basic classes this early on a Monday morning...
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    that sick!

    perl -e 'print "Merry xmas!";'

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