Jon Kahler Missing at Stave Lake. please help if you can...
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Thread: Jon Kahler Missing at Stave Lake. please help if you can...

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    Jon Kahler Missing at Stave Lake. please help if you can...

    i know this isnt bike related, but we are in need of more help, from 9am until dark weve been searching since sunday night.

    if you can come out and help search, awesome, just trying to spread the word, we will be there until something is found, search and rescue pulled out yesterday, so its up to the little guys to help search. i will be up there until something is found.

    and the thread that started it all

    please come and help if you can.

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    Wow hope you guys find him ok , take care out there .

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    I highly encourage anyone with the means to help out. I've been following this story since Monday, and it's pretty sad.
    Here's a news story link:
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    thanks guys. also there is going to be a BIG search on saturday(there will be people 11ish k up at the gravol pit as base camp) if your interested in helping out, if you have an atv, dirtbike, 4x4, whatever, just want to walk the roads and look down the cliffs for anything, and you can come help it would be much appreciated, i know it would meen alot to the family, i dont actually know john, but as a 4x4er, we dont leave anyone behind....

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    just so everyone knows, the media is saying stuff to make the wrong people look good, search and rescue was out there 2 days, monday, and thursday, (thursday was just the divers, they were gone before 2) the family had a helicopter fly in to look last night also, as search and rescue's chopper only spent maybe 2 hours out, the police and SAR were not to be seen since tuesday morning, they left the scenee and didnt even notify the family they were pulling out, its in the papers that there are 70-100 people searching a day, there are MAX 20 of us out there, we do need more people, so again, if you have some free time to come help, that is appreciated, if not, thats allrigth too because not everyone can put there jobs and lifes on hold.

    the police were there for a bit yesterday while the news crews were around, but fucked off after that. its a shame.

    thanks, and please pray for the best for john...

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    Still no word???

    Now a reward

    Wanted to make clear that the $25,000 reward is private and set up by the Kahlers personally there is no involvement with the RCPM or CrimStoppers for this reward.
    SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING and they need to know it too, if Someone has info leading to Finding John, meaning detailed Directions or land marks to where he is or what has been done to him that leads them to FINDING him the money is yours, no strings attached!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure they would set up a very discreet way of getting you the $$ that know personal info had to be given as well or send it to you anyway you request. I want to make clear they do not need a flood of calls with intuitions, suspicions or gut feelings you can post those here on the Fun in BC site, facebook or call the RCMP or CrimStoppers with that kind of info and they would be grateful for your help. The # they have given for this reward is only for THOSE who are ready to come forward and let them take John home!!!

    Thank you again to everyone for everything! You have all been so helpful to the Kahlers and The Search for John. The actual searching through the endless trees and water, food, support, positive thinking, prayers. NONE OF IT HAS GONE UNNOTICED!!!!!!!!
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